Understanding a rabbit’s diet is very important. A correct diet is important not only for their health but for their happiness to.

Their diet should consist of 85% Fresh Grass/Hay, 10% Fresh Greens and 5% Pellets.

It is important to incorporate feeding times with constant enrichment and activities. Rabbits need constant stimulation so feeding time is perfect for this.


Rabbits should have unlimited, good quality hay and should be the base of their diet. Hay contains fibre which is vital to keep their digestive system moving and is great for their teeth as it grinds them down.


Pellets are a great addition to their diet however should be controlled. The more pellets a rabbit eats, the less hay and grass they will eat which are vital for their diet. Too many pellets can also lead to obesity which carries so many other risks.

We would personally recommend Selective Rabbit Pellets. They have the least number of additives and unnecessary extras added.

We would never recommend feeding rabbit muesli mixes. Rabbits will only eat the most calorific parts of the mixes which can cause obesity. They will leave the most fibrous parts out which are vital for their diet.

If you are feeding your rabbits Muesli – PLEASE STOP!


As rabbit owners, we have learnt over the years what is best for our buns when it comes down to Herbs and Vegetables.


We avoid anything that could cause issues to their delicate little tummy’s. Every evening our bunnies have a mixed herby salad with Coriander, Parsley, Mint, Dill, Rosemary and Rocket. We avoid anything such as Kale, Cabbage, and spring greens but that is our personal preference. We personally do not believe in taking any risks. These things can cause excess gas which can lead to GI Stasis.

In terms of vegetables and fruit, we limit these as well.

Bugs Bunny the cartoon character loves carrot, but sadly, carrot is not great for rabbits and should be fed scarcely. It is high in sugar which can lead to health issues. The same goes for fruit as well. Fruit should be given as a rare treat and in small amounts.

You can see the full list of recommended Vegetables and Herbs on the RWAF Website -


Treats are a great way to bond with your rabbit and to build a relationship however again, too many treats can cause obesity.

We would recommend finding the most natural treats with the least number of additives and preservatives. Some treats add molasses which is completely unnecessary. We personally use the Selective Naturals range of treats. Our rabbits LOVE these and they are made with natural ingredients.

Visit our Best Buys for Buns Page to see all our favourite goodies.