“Every bunny needs a bunny”.


A lot of people purchase a single rabbit without realising they should have a friend.


Rabbits are sociable animals and human company is not enough.


As owners, we leave the house to go shopping, spend all day at work and then head off to bed for hours every day leaving our fury friends alone. We cannot be around every second of every day.


Therefore, if you have a single bunny, do the right thing and find them a friend.


The best mix is a female & male bond. It is possible to bond same sex bunnies however we would not recommend.


Both bunnies should also be neutered. This not only prevents accidental litters, but also eliminates health problems such as ovarian/uterine cancers in female rabbits. Neutering also positively impacts the behaviour of rabbits.


Rabbits should not be bonded with guinea pigs, chickens, or any other animal. They cannot speak rabbit.


We have an amazing relationship with all our 6 bunnies but it is not the same relationship as they have with each other in any way.


If you are thinking about getting rabbits, make sure you do your research first.

If you are looking for a pair of rabbits, instead of getting 2 separate rabbits, please check your local rescues. There are so many already bonded pairs out there who need forever homes.