Baby 3
Baby 2

Name: Baby
Sex: Female
Age: 6 Months Old
Breed: Teddy Dwerg
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes

Baby is a Teddy Dwerg (Mini Angora) and She has just turned 6 months old

Baby was surrendered to us when she was around 12 weeks old.

Baby is extremely sweet (although has recently been a bit sassy)

Baby has been a HUGE part of our family and if we had the space, she would have become a permanent resident.

She is funny, crazy, strange and loves people!!

When you first look at baby, you will see a cute fluffy bunny however there is more to her than just cute and fluffy.

Baby cannot fend for herself and requires a lot of extra care which if you stay on top of, becomes easier to manage.

As she is an Angora, she does have a woollen coat.

She requires daily grooming and hair cuts every 4-6 weeks to maintain her coat. She gets hay stuck around her bum, face and head which if not brushed out, can lead to Matts. She also needs the hair around her eyes trimmed as otherwise she cannot see.

Baby CANNOT get wet which means she is best as an indoor bunny. She loves being outside too, so a covered run/aviary would be perfect for her however it’s important she is brought in when the weather turns for the worst.

Baby is completely reliant on us for her care.

She has a very sensitive tummy so her diet must be monitored carefully.

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