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Rabbits can be a great addition to a family however there a few things to know.


We will not rehome any of our rabbits to a family where the children are expected to be the primary carers.


Depending on the rabbit, we would also recommend confident owners.


A lot of rabbits do not like being held. They prefer their feet touching the floor. Even if you have a friendly rabbit, after a while, they can get bored and can fight to jump out of your arms. Rabbits will scratch and sometimes nip to let you know.


Our previous foster rabbits, Pumpkin, was known at 5 second pumps as she would bite us to get down after 5 seconds. However, she was an absolute sweetheart and loved being around us.


Dropping a rabbit can also be serious.


Some rabbits are nervous and do not like being stroked. If a rabbit feels threatened, it’s important to understand their body language. They can bite and lunge towards anyone who is scaring them.


Their cages, litter trays and areas will need cleaning out every day. They require feeding and grooming. I would recommend having a routine for your bunny too!


Rabbits need constant stimulation and enrichment. They need access to grass and a large space to binky! A HUTCH IS NOT ENOUGH.


They can be excellent chewers and love heading towards cables and wires!


If your rabbit is not litter trained, be prepared for them to wee on your carpet.


Rabbits come in twos. Every bunny needs a bonded friend! Preferably of the opposite sex (Male/Female)! We would not normally recommend same sex bonds. Also, please do not bond your rabbit with any other animal than a rabbit. Rabbits do not speak Guinea Pig!


They also cost money. They require neutering, yearly vaccinations, treatment for fly strike and regular health checks. They are prone to certain health conditions so may require vet treatment. All of mine are insured too and have monthly pet plan with the vets. This is another rolling monthly cost.


When you rescue a rabbit from us and most decent rescues, they will already be neutered and would have had their vaccinations for a year and will usually be microchipped!!


Rabbits need love and affection and time.


Rabbits can live up to 10 years, If you cannot guarantee you can commit to any of these points for 10 years, please consider whether getting a rabbit is right for you.


Rabbits are such amazing animals, and I could not imagine my life without my babies however they are hard work.


We are seeing to many posts where rabbits are being given up as children have gotten bored, or people do not have time anymore.


It is not fair on any rabbit to be passed from home to home. We make sure that every rabbit who comes through our door is going to a home where we know they will be loved and cared for.


If you are thinking about getting a rabbit however unsure as to whether it is a good idea, drop us an email


If these points have not put you off, a bunny could be the perfect family member for you.

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