Our Success Stories - 2021

Rufus George - Adopted & Bonded January 2021

I came across Rufus on Gumtree just before Christmas. When I saw him, I just knew I had to help him.

Rufus settled into family life pretty much immediately and he quickly bonded with mum. He would literally sit with her for hours licking her and grooming her. 

It didn't take long for the perfect family to come along - they even had the perfect girly bun, Clover, who needed a new friend. It was meant to be.​

They bought Clover to us and we started the bonding process. They hit it off immediately and bonded pretty much on the first day. The only issues we had was the Rufus was an intense and consistent humper. He was an absolute nightmare for the first 9 days however the humping subsided and we made the decision he was ready to go to his new home. ​

He is now with his amazing new family who completely and utterly adore him.

Binky - Adopted & Bonded March 2021

Binky was rescued by our amazing Fosterers Danielle and Becky last year.

They were approached by someone on Facebook threatening to release him into the wild unless they took him in. They didn’t have the space however couldn’t not help him.

He was being kept in awful conditions with nails sticking out of the hutch.

In January, they contacted us asking for help to rehome him and of course we agreed to help.

We didn’t have much interest in this beautiful boy which I was surprised about however all of a sudden his perfect family came along who already had a female Rabbit, Ralph.

They weren’t actively looking but after a few chats and conversations, they decided to reserve Binky.

The following weekend, they brought Ralph to us for bonding and 3 weeks later, we had a bonded pair

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and home and family for our Binky Boy!

A huge thank you to his foster mummy’s who gave this boy a second chance

Rodney - Adopted March 2021

I came across Rodney on an Online Selling Site and as soon as I saw him, I knew I had to take him in.

People would have seen Rodney as a cute fluffy rabbit (which he is) however would not have necessarily understood his needs and care requirements.

Rodney is an Angora. They require daily grooming and regular clips to ensure their coat is maintained and healthy. They also cannot get wet under any circumstances and need a large set up.

Rodney is an absolute sweetheart and has such a kind nature. We instantly fell in love with him

I was fully prepared for Rodney to be with us long term as I knew he would need an experienced home however out of the blue, we were contacted by a lovely Lady who was a perfect match for our beautiful Boy.

He has settled into his new home and has been bonded with his new girly friend Lottie

We wish this gentle and beautiful boy all the best in his forever home.

Oreo & Cookie - Adopted March 2021

Oreo & Cookie were surrendered to us as their owners were moving abroad and were unable to take them with them.

We only had these brothers a very short amount of time as the day their owners contacted us about surrendering, we were also approached by an amazing family who were looking to welcome 2 rabbits into their lives. 

It was meant to be!

Oreo and Cookie have settled into their home together and their new family are in love with them to.

We wish you all the best in your new home boys!

Harley - Bonded & Adopted April 2021

Harley was surrendered to us as his owner couldn’t give him the life she wanted for him.

He is such a friendly bunny and we instantly all fell in love with him and his personality.

He is such a loving and adventurous boy. He loved zooming about his fosterers garden and loved causing mischief.

Harley's perfect match came along and its safe to say, it was meant to be. His new family already had a female bunny Twiggy.

She was dropped off to us for bonding and within 24 hours, we had a bonded pair. This was the easiest bond we had ever done.

They have settled into their new home together and we wish Harley all the best.

Rosie - Adopted April 2021

Rosie was surrendered to us as her previous owner no longer had time for her. This is sadly a story we sadly hear to often. She was only 5 months old when we took her and they had only had her for 3 months.

Rosie settled into her foster home very quickly and as she relaxed, her confident and kind personality blossomed.

Rosie has gone to an amazing loving home and once her hormones have settled from her operation, she will be bonded with a beautiful Lop named Ori.

We wish you all the best Rosie in your forever home. 

Berty & Florence - Adopted May 2021

Berty & Florence were surrendered to us as their previous owners could not give them the care and time they needed.

This sweet pair settled into their foster home very quickly and it didn't take long for their personalities to shine through.

We were approached by an amazing family who offered this beautiful pair their forever home.

We wish Berty and Florence all the best!