Our Success Stories - 2020

Teddy Bear - Adopted September 2020

Teddy Bear was put on Gumtree as the young child he was purchased for was no longer interested.

Teddy quickly became part of our family and we fell in love with him. Over the weeks we had him in our care, we weaned him onto the correct diet, gave him endless cuddles and got to know him so we could make sure we were looking for the right family for him

We neutered, vaccinated and microchipped Teddy and a week after he was put up for adoption, we found him the perfect home.​


He has been bonded with a beautiful female called Dolly and has settled in really well.

We wish Teddy Bear all the best in his forever home

Pumpkin - Adopted & Bonded November 2020​

We collected the Pumpkin on the same day Teddy Bear went to his new home.

Pumpkin was surrendered as her owners could not give her the life she deserved. She was only 4 months old. She was being kept unneutered with an unneutered male so there was every chance she was pregnant - luckily she wasn't!

We completely fell in love with Pumpkin and her spiky personality. She was not a fan of being picked up however loved being around us and would happily jump on us. We honestly had a great bond.

Whilst she was with us, her new owners also managed to rescue a male, Rocky from a breeder. We bonded Rocky and Pumpkin together. Rocky had some anxiety and trust issues, we were able to work through these with him and he left a completely different rabbit who loved being stroked. We learnt that his previous owner used to pick him up by the scruff of his neck. This is just cruel and no rabbit should ever be held like this.

They have both settled in really well and their new family adore the both of them

Wilbur - Adopted December 2020​

Wilbur was surrendered to us after he fell out with his female friend. She had become sick and they had started fighting.

We loved having Wilbur around. He had free roam of my bedroom and used to wake me up at 3am binkying around. He was not to keen on being touched however once you had him in your arms for a cuddle, he would really enjoy a snuggle. 

We only had Wilbur for a week as we found the perfect home for him. Wilbur has gone to live with a lovely couple and will be bonded with a lovely girly Tillie.

Bilbo & Betsy - Bonded December 2020

Bilbo, the white fluffball was originally bonded with his brother and sister however after a year, the bond broke and his owner had issues re-bonding them.

She approached me asking if we had any females available, which at the time we didn't. I regularly check online selling sites and had come across Betsy about 2 weeks before she had approached me. 

I sent her the link and days after, she went to collect Betsy and brought them straight to us for bonding.

These two are now in their amazing home together!

It's safe to say 2020 was a very blessed year!