My name is Charlotte and I live in Aylesbury, Bucks.

About 4 years ago I started fostering Rabbit's for the RSPCA. We helped so many rabbits find their new homes and to this day, still speak to a lot of the families we rehomed to.

We stopped fostering in October 2019 as we ended up adopting 4 of our long term foster bunnies. We now have 6 perfect angel rabbits who have been such a blessing to me.


During the the COVID Pandemic in 2020, I found myself checking online selling sites almost daily for rabbits who might need help. I could not believe how many unwanted animals there were. I felt so heartbroken.​

Did you know, rabbits are one of the most abused animals?

A lot of animals had been impulsively purchased over the COVID lockdowns. As restrictions have been lifted, these rabbits are no longer wanted, children are bored, people do not have time.

In August 2020, I decided to set out on a new venture taking in rabbits I find online and neuter, vaccinate and then find them their forever home.

We only take small numbers at a time to ensure they are given our full attention. We also have our 6 who will always come first. Every rabbit is welcomed into our home, handled daily and are completely loved.​ We also help with the bonding process to ensure they are matched with the perfect friend.

A lot of rabbits I have seen online, are not neutered, vaccinated, are on the wrong diets and do not have a suitable set up. All of these things are vital for every rabbit to avoid health complications and death. 

With every rabbit, we will be following a strict adoption process including home checks to ensure each rabbit is going to a suitable home.

Check regularly for updates and new additions who will all be up for re-homing.​

Our mission is to find every rabbit that comes through our door their forever home. We also aim to educate and provide support to existing and new bunny owners.